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Shopping FAQs

1. Can you produce custom logo?

—Yes, both OEM & ODM.

2. Can I print my logo on the straw and package?

Yes. We are pleased to provide customized service.

3. Regarding the colorful straws, will the color fade?

—The color is produced by PVD(Physical Vapour Deposition) coating.

—These PVD colours will not fade over time and have the benefit of being more uniform in appearance and more abrasion-resistant than colouring which is done by the electrochemical processes.

4. How to take away the metal taste?

We can provide silicon tips for you to take away the metal taste. 

5. Can I use for hot drink?

Yes, Please use it come with the silicon tip, that can prevent scald.

6. Are the metal straws safe for?

We don`t suggest children to use the metal straws, bacause it`s soild.


1.Be caregul with hot drink and it is possible to use it under 60°C centigrade degree.

2.Aduit supervision is required when used by children under 12 yeas old.